A time. A Place. Visit Kinston, NC.


Come to the land that time honors. In Kinston, we do everything a little slower and with a little more care. This place is being reborn with respect for its roots. It’s an experience that is unique to a land. It has been lying in wait to be reborn. Kinston, North Carolina, rising out of a rich history. Possessing a solitary and sleepy present.

Kinston is host to a slice of America. Real people, inventing real opportunity. A nod to a simpler time.
Kinston, a town that industry abandoned, returns to its roots to host those who honor the traditions of Southern Spirits.

Remember the days when tobacco and textiles were king and the distillery behind the old tobacco barn used to produce some of the best booze around. Back home, things are changing. We’ve moved the Distillery to main street and the booze is still the best.

Mother Earth Spirits
311 N Herritage St
Kinston, NC 28501

While you’re in Kinston, take a look around our quaint town full of Southern charm:

Restaurants We Enjoy:

  • Chef & The Farmer
    120 W Gordon St
    Kinston, NC 28501
    (252) 208-2433
  • Ginger 108
    108 W North St, Ste A
    Kinston, NC 28501
    (252) 208-2663
  • Boiler Room
    108B North Street
    Kinston, NC 28501
    (252) 208-2433
  • Queen Street Deli
    117 S Queen St,
    Kinston, NC 28501
    (252) 527-1900
  • King’s Restaurant
    – Hwy 70 – (252) 527-2101
    – Vernon Avenue – (252) 527-1661
    – North Queen St. – (252) 523-3303

Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts:

  • The O’Neil
    200 N. Queen St.
    Kinston, NC 28501
  • The Bentley
    117 W Capitola Ave
    Kinston, NC 28501
    (252) 523-2337
  • Brothers Farm Experience
    3697 Brothers Road
    La Grange, NC 28551
    (252) 559-5825
  • Hampton Inn
    1382 Highway 258 South
    Kinston, NC 28501
    (252) 523-1400

Cultural Sites to Explore: