Our Distillery

Still-VignetteOnly nature can produce the perfect flower, star or tree, but Mother Earth Spirits are a close second. The equipment, the facility, the process are all nearly perfect.

We distill our whiskey, gin and rum in a steam-fired 60 gallon (227 liter) compound fractional still. On a hot, clear, sunny day our awning system will generate 20° of temperature gain per hour. Our 160 gallon solar hot water tank will max out at 175° water, which is perfect for all of Mother Earth Spirits’ wash-making temperature needs. We age our whiskey in charred new White American Oak barrels from northern Minnesota’s Black Swan Barrels for 8-9 months – until we deem the spirits to be ready for you. One complete production run of gin takes a couple weeks. Our rum is still in the trial production phase.

No matter which spirits of ours you are enjoying, know that Mother Earth Spirits handles every aspect of the production process, from grain to glass.